Our calves and our lambs are born and grow in the Alentejo, in the open air, on pasture with acorn, giving a tender, juicy and tasty meat, rich in omega 3 and completely natural.

The natural pasture together with the existing trees called cork oaks and holm oaks, which give the acorn, constitute a silvo-pastoral system called MONTADO. The Montado is a unique "ecological reserve" in the World almost exclusive of the Iberian peninsula, being Alentejo the region where it predominates in Portugal.

The combination of grazing and acorn provides the animals with an unrivaled natural diet, with a perfect balance between protein and energy, which imparts to the meat an unparalleled taste and characteristics at the level that the Mediterranean diet provides us and completely different from the rest of the world.

When we say all-natural meat, it means that it is free of hormones, antibiotics and preservatives, making it an extraordinarily healthy, nutritious and highly reliable meat.

Relying on National Market meat is natural ...

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