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Camembert goat cheese with Alvarinho wine. It is produced with pasteurized goat's milk. The pasteurization process consists of submitting the milk at a temperature of approximately 750C for 20 seconds after which is cooled at the optimal temperature. Soft paste, velvety shell, characteristic intense flavor and soft texture. Its production is made from small volumes of milk with very handmade care. It is presented in small cylindrical shapes with diameter between 6 and 8 cm and height around 3 cm. Velvety and yellowish bark, characteristic that it acquires during the maturation process that is made in Alvarinho green wine. It has an unmistakable aroma and taste, accentuated by the careful process of maturation in wine of approximately 21 days, to which it is subjected after manufacture. Pasteurized goat's milk, milky crops, rennet, salt and Alvarinho green wine.

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