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This sparkling is produced exclusively from the Alvarinho caste. Cultivated in the monsoon and Melgaço sub-region, included in the demarcated area of green wines.  


The grapes previously selected and exclusively transported in boxes of 20 kg are pressed whole to obtain a high quality must, to give rise to the sparkling green wine Alvarinho. The must is clarified at 12 º C for 48 hours and fermented the temperature controlled for 12-15 days. The following is a period of training on fine lees of 5 months. Subsequently, the bottling, fermentation (classical method) and stage of 24 months, after which the "Remouage" and the "degorgement" are carried out.  

Organoleptic characteristics 

Fine bubble and persistent aroma with the presence of the caste, mineral, with some toasted/biscuit and complexity, due to the stage in bottle. Full-bodied, dry (natural raw), good acidity and final the fruit where the caste persists. 

Chemical characteristics 

Alcohol – 13% v/V 

Total acidity (g/L tartaric acid) – 6.3 

Total Sugars (g/l) – 4.3 

PH – 3.20 


Presented in a green bottle, brownish (antique), model Cuvée des Cresa, with complex aluminium capsule and clothing composed by label, label and Free, where there is all the information concerning the sparkling. 


Bottles packed in cardboard boxes must be stored without opening, in a clean and airy place, and in normal µ conditions of temperature and humidity. The storage cannot be done in places where there is solar exposure, or under easy heating ceilings and the same cannot be in direct contact with the ground. They cannot be stored in contaminated and/or contaminated environments: AromÃ, combustion products, solvents, paints, pesticides, rodenticides, etc.  


It must be drunk between 6-8â º C. Excellent for appetizer and accompaniment of roasted and grilled meats, particularly poultry meat, lamb, lamb and LeitÃ.

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