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Short dough cookies with Plum filling 300g

Ingredients: white wheat flour, plums filling 28% (inverted sugar syrup, plums puree 35%, saccharose, biscuit, gelling agent: pectin, preservative: potassium sorbate, acidity regulator: citric acid, flavors), vegetable palm fat, water, biscuit, sugar, baking soda (leavening agents: sodium bicarbonate and sodium pyrophosphate, corn starch), leavening agent: ammonium bicarbonate, iodized salt, flavours.

The product contains: wheat gluten. The product may contain traces of nuts. 

For a better prevervation, keep the product in its original package, in a dry and well-ventilatedplace, away from the sun rays.


Nutrition facts per 100g of product:

Energy value: 468,7 kcal / 1962 kJ

Fats: 23,9 gr, out of which fatty saturated acids: 11,7 gr

Glucide: 58,1 gr, out of which sugar: 10 gr

Protein: 5,3 gr

Salt: 0,16 gr

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