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Pasteurized goat's milk, dairy ferments, rennet, calcium chloride, salt, red pepper and Alvarinho green wine. It is produced with pasteurized goat's milk. The pasteurization process consists of submitting the milk at a temperature of approximately 750C for 15 seconds after which is cooled at the temperature of 370 C. It has an intense and unmistakable aroma and taste, accentuated by the careful maturation process of , approximately 60 days, to which it is submitted after manufacture. During the maturation process, it is immersed in several baths of pepper and green wine Alvarinho which gives it an orange tone and a very distinctive flavour. It is a handmade cheese of hard paste, in a whitish tone, uniform or irregular, characteristics that acquires during the cure. The shape is low cylinder with defined edges.

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